IIPL’s Vision is to be the most reliable service provider for customers in delivering best in class long-term sustainable innovations for foods, allied-foods, biotech and agricultural commodity industry.

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Food And Beverage Industries

Impeccable InnovationsTM – Consulting and Research Services for Foods & Allied Food Industries

1. Driving Stage-Gate Innovation Process

2. The 3Ps of R&D:

a. Product Development

  • Ingredient Selection & Sourcing
  • Formulation Design & Optimization
  • Prototype Generation
  • Sensory Analysis
  • Shelf-life Analysis
  • Lab-scale trials
  • Product Costing

b. Process Development

  • Plant Selection
  • Plant Layout Design and Optimization
  • Technology Selection, Sourcing and Integration
  • Plant Trials & Process Specification Finalization
  • Process Tools Selection
  • Labour Requirement Assessment
  • Manufacturing Costing

c. Packaging

  • Development
  • Engineering
  • Design
  • Packaging Costing


3. Food Safety

a. Risk Assessments


c. QA/QC Specification development

d. GMP training


4. Food Regulation

a. Overview on FSSAI

b. Product classification

c. Scientific substantiation

d. Dossier Preparation for Product Approval from FSSAI

e. FSSAI License – Overall


5. Food Nutrition

a. Nutritional Labelling

b. Claim ideation brainstorms/workshops

c. Technical Claim & Benefit Development

d. Preparation & Validation of pack labels as per FSSAI guidelines

e. Food Nutrition for Poor and Extremely Poor people