IIPL’s Vision is to be the most reliable service provider for customers in delivering best in class long-term sustainable innovations for foods, allied-foods, biotech and agricultural commodity industry.

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Biotech Industries

Impeccable InnovationsTM – Consulting Services for Biotech Industries

1. Enzyme Application Technology:

  • Develop innovative bio-based enzymatic solutions for the following industries:
    • Foods, Beverages, Dairy, Confectionery, Snacks
    • Nutraceuticals & Health products
    • Feeds
    • Agriculture & Agri-processing
    • Vegetable Oil Extraction
    • Bio-sensors
    • Bio-degradable detergents
    • Bio-fuels
  • Finding application of new / novel enzyme molecule or blend
  • Finding new application of an existing enzyme molecule or blend
  • Develop new customer of an existing enzyme molecule or blend with known application
  • Assisting clients in micro-scale, small-scale, pilot-scale and plant-scale-up trials
  • Application method/protocol/assay development for an enzyme application
  • Assisting clients in IPR, Regulatory, Techno-commercial Risk-analysis, Life-cycle analysis (LCA)
  • Assist in developing commercial strategies
  • Training people in handling enzymes in lab-level and plant-level
  • Build safety measure during enzyme handling & enzyme application
  • Documentation development of enzyme product data sheet
  • Shelf-life analysis of enzymes
  • Based on the enzyme performance, give feedback to fermentation team on enzyme quality
  • Critical understanding of compatible and non-compatible enzymes
  • Build 360 degree customer relationship
  • Competitor & competitive technology benchmarking
  • Forecast newer futuristic innovation space which can be big-bet by 2022-2030
  • Finding path-breaking technologies which can facilitate enzyme application
  • Assist clients in merger and acquisition of enzyme-based companies
  • Assist clients in Lean supply chain in domestic, export and import business
  • Assist clients in techno-marketing of their enzymes
  • Integrate IT applications/services for digitalizing enzyme application technology
  • Assist clients in substrate characterization and result interpretation